Officers from the UC Police Dept. (UCPD) are currently working to identify a man who may have sexually assaulted a woman last weekend on Storke Field.

Police officers met the woman Saturday at about 1:30 a.m., at which time she said that she had been drinking with friends earlier in the evening. She said that she became separated from her friends and walked home alone, a police press release stated. As she was walking along El Colegio Road, an unidentified man began to walk with her. The woman said she does not remember what occurred after that point, but her next memory was of waking up partially dressed in Storke Field, across the street from where she had been walking, the release said.

The woman told UCPD she believes the man sexually assaulted her, based on the state of her clothing, the appearance of minor injuries and other evidence, the release stated.

UCPD spokesman Sgt. Mark Signa said investigating officers and detectives are conducting follow-up interviews with the alleged victim and witnesses.

“We’re still working with the young lady to kind of come up with the whole scenario and get as much information from her as possible,” Signa said. “It’s a sensitive type [of] case, and we’re trying to be as careful as possible.”

Anyone with information regarding the incident is encouraged to call the UCPD at 893-3446 or the Crime Stoppers tip line at (877) 800-9100.