The recent rains were not strong enough to wash away the Black Tide.

In its first tournament of the year, the UCSB men’s ultimate club team lost to Stanford 8-15 in the finals of the Santa Barbara Invitational to finish in second place.

“We played pretty well in the tournament,” senior co-captain Asa Wilson said. “It was unfortunate that a lot of our rookies hadn’t played two days in a tournament before, but we did really well all things considered. We were all ready to play coming in the second day after having lost the first day to North Texas. A lot of the younger players hadn’t really felt a loss before and it got them down. But we got the chance to fix our mistakes and beat UNT and the second day.”

Santa Barbara beat Arizona 13-3, Berkeley 15-2 and USC, while only losing to UNT on the first day. On Sunday, UCSB sneaked by with a win during the quarters against Davis 11-10. In the semi-finals, the Gauchos reciprocated the loss North Texas dished out the previous day to win 11-9.

Senior Tim Henshaw-Plath, sophomore Rory Orloff, junior Kevin Nesh, Wilson and senior co-captain Scott Perry scored multiple goals during the weekend.

“Our team played as hard as we could,” Perry said. “I was impressed to see every player on the field give every ounce of energy. There is room for improvement, but I feel this team has the drive and work ethic to do everything it takes to be the best team.”

The Black Tide was down two points at the half in three separate games throughout the tournament, but was able to pull off the wins in time cap, which is comparable to sudden death in soccer.

“The whole team really stepped up,” Wilson said. “I was proud of the guys and I really couldn’t attribute the win to just one person. We did good.”

Next month, the Gauchos will compete in the President’s Day Tournament held at UC San Diego, which will feature 30 nationally-ranked teams.