Students have the opportunity to shake their hips with Polynesian dance troupe Iaorana te Otea tonight in the Hub.

The group, whose name means “Greetings from the Drumbeats,” will host a dance tonight in the UCen Hub to raise funds for performances throughout the year, said Michelle Wilson, the club’s vice president. She said admission is $5 and doors will be open from 9 to 11:30 p.m. The dance, which is expected to last until 2 a.m., will include a DJ, smoothies and other non-alcoholic drinks.

“This event is to benefit UCSB and the I.V. community by offering an alternative to partying in Isla Vista,” Wilson said.

Wilson said money raised at tonight’s dance will be used to fund a series of concerts throughout the year. She said proceeds from these performances will be donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, which grants requests to people suffering from terminal illnesses.

Jasmine Young, co-chair of the club, said Iaorana te Otea — founded in 1990 by UCSB students as a way to celebrate Polynesian culture – has a long history of working with the Make-a-Wish Foundation and said that the club raised $2,000 in donations for the organization last year.

“A former president of the club had a nephew who was helped by Make-a-Wish,” Young said. “We continue to give our proceeds to that organization because we have seen the direct effect it has on the lives of the children. In addition to the money we give to the organization, at our concerts we try to invite as many Make-a-Wish children in the area as possible and the expressions of excitement on their faces are incredibly rewarding.”

Edward Paul Dimalanta, the club’s other co-chair, said he expects a successful celebration tonight.

“I am really excited — this will be one of our largest fundraisers,” Dimalanta said. “This will be a good means for our group to come together and affect the community. We expect a big crowd.”