Moving down means moving up for the Davidson Library book sale, which will be held on the building’s first floor this year to better accommodate prospective book buyers.

The UCSB campus library will begin its 2005 book sale season on Wednesday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Books being sold at the event are being offered at lowered prices and were either duplicates of books already held in the library or books donated by students and other members of the community. The community volunteer group Friends of the UCSB Library – a group that raises money for Davidson Library – will run the sale, and the organization will use all proceeds to purchase unique materials for the library, said Marilyn Moody, associate university librarian for information and research services.

“The book sale provides a great opportunity for students to buy interesting books at a reasonable price, while also supporting the UCSB libraries,” Moody said.

Last year, the library raised $8,200 after six book sales. Unlike previous sales that were held on the eighth floor of the library, the books will be sold on the building’s bottom floor on Wednesday. Aubrey Spilde, development assistant for the Davidson Library, said she hoped the change in location could raise more interest than in previous years.

“We are definitely hoping to attract more students on the first floor than we had on the eighth because we get more passers-by,” she said. “We also definitely encourage students to come – prices are cheap.”

Subsequent book sales will be held on Feb. 16, April 20 and May 19.