A break-in occurred early Wednesday morning at the UCSB Alumni Association building at 6550 Hollister Ave., resulting in the theft of thousands of dollars of office equipment.

UC Police Dept. spokesman Mark Signa said $7,000 worth of property was stolen during the burglary, including two computers, a Zip drive, a fax machine and a flat screen computer monitor that alone was valued at $1,000.

The suspects gained entry to the Alumni Association office by breaking through the glass of the building’s front door with a fire extinguisher. The suspects then proceeded to rummage through several desks, finding a set of keys in one of the drawers that opened the doors to all surrounding offices.

Signa said the break-in probably occurred in the early hours of the morning between the time the janitorial staff left the building at 11 p.m. the previous night and before employees arrived at 7 a.m.

Although police have not been able to determine the exact number of suspects involved, Signa said he believes that only a few committed the burglary, as it seems as if the suspects only stole what they could physically carry.

“The investigation is ongoing, and there are no suspects at this time,” Signa said. “All leads are currently being investigated.”

The Alumni Association shares a building with the offices of the UCSB Annual Fund, the Alumni Development Office and the Education Abroad Program.

Susan Goodale, UCSB alumni programs director, said her staff was able to function as usual despite yesterday’s break-in. She said the office was able to obtain a new fax machine that morning, and she said work was completed on the computers that were left behind.

“It’s been business as usual,” Goodale said. “For those of us who had our equipment stolen, we were back to work within a few hours.”

Goodale said she is uncertain as to what she will do to replace the missing property at this time.