Editor, Daily Nexus,

I wholeheartedly echo Stuart Levenbach’s letter that Victor Sciortino must leave West Campus family housing (“The Reader’s Voice: Child Molester Needs to Leave UCSB Student Housing,” Daily Nexus, Jan. 10). Yes, people make mistakes and deserve second chances, but forcing a 7-year-old girl to orally copulate with you is not merely a mistake — it is pure evil. Sciortino’s stellar academic record means nothing when compared to his criminal record. Sciortino is considered a serious sex offender and should not be allowed to live in a complex that is home to many children and that is also located right next door to an elementary school.

Allowing a child molester to live in a complex full of kids is akin to telling your child, “Hey, go ahead and pet that cobra. It might not bite this time.” There are plenty of other places where Sciortino could be housed… like the state penitentiary, but that’s another subject entirely. Mr. Sciortino, you cannot and will not, ever run away from this. I expect child molesters to be in prison, not in the physics lab. As the old saying goes, you can run, but you can’t hide.