Many different factors have contributed to Gwen Stefani’s rise to the top. As both a singer and a trendsetter, the leading lady of the acclaimed rock group No Doubt has managed to make it this far without much criticism from the public. She has surfaced as a successful musician as she tastefully and innovatively experiments with different genres of music. She has contributed to hit singles belonging to both Moby and Eve. She is easily bold and creative, giving her a style that makes both men and women drool over her. Recently, Stefani has detached herself from the famous foursome that has occupied the top of the charts for almost a decade. With the release of her new album, Love, Angel, Music, Baby, Stefani enters a new world of pop music and solo artistry.

Not much room for judgment has been made with the release of Stefani’s new single. Her made-over sound has been sampled over radios with the single “What You Waiting For?” Well, Gwen, a lot more. Stefani’s rock-gone-pop attempt is more like rock-gone-wrong. After hearing news of certain big-names like Dr. Dre, Andre 3000 and the Neptunes making cameos in the production room, your ears may perk up to the new release. Unfortunately, the 12-track album doesn’t do Stefani much justice. “Cool” and “Bubble Pop Electric” only enhance the fact that the album is over-produced and super-synthesized. The further the album progresses, the lower it sinks. Love, Angel, Music, Baby undermines the originality that has made Gwen Stefani, the Gwen Stefani.

[Blaire Brown just wishes she had braces and blue hair.]