Editor, Daily Nexus,

This is in response to Victor Cordes’ column (“Nothing Beats the Right Wing”) in the Friday, Nov. 19 issue. I would like to inform him that someone does care what Alec Mouhibian has to say: namely me. I was very pleased to see his column Nov. 18, and I would like to thank Mouhibian for standing up for the conservatives on this campus, as few as we may be. I share in the belief that the government is too big, too wasteful and needs to be stopped before it gains any new influence over new areas of our lives. I’m not proposing that we get rid of it or anything, but I do think that public assistance and helping the needy are best left in the hands of people who aren’t part of the government. These people are more likely to act on their own free will, without the influence of politics, and I believe that most aid programs can accomplish their goals more effectively when they are not hampered by complicated bureaucracies and political intrigue. Rather than trying to do everything for everyone, I think the government should sort out its own problems. For starters, it should make all its bureaucratic systems more logical and conquer its addiction to borrowing money. I like my government honest, efficient and easy to understand.