The President of Isla Vista

Monday, Nov. 1, 6 p.m. – Officers responded to report of disruption at the Rec Cen. Upon arrival officers found that a man had gained entry into the gym by using a false ID. When asked for his true identity he stated he was “the president of I.V.” According to police reports, he also said he was recently released from prison, but still would not provide valid identification to police. When officers attempted to detain the man, he resisted arrest and accused the police of being racist. The man claimed he was being harassed because he was the “black president.” However, the suspect was in fact Caucasian. He was arrested for presenting false identification to a peace officer.

Dressed for Success

Monday, Nov. 1, 1 a.m. – Officers on patrol spotted a man wearing a dress urinating against a wall, next to the Carrillo pool. When he spotted officers approaching, the skirted squirter quickly lowered his dress. Officers issued him a citation for urinating in public.

If the Genitals Fit, You Must Acquit

Monday, Nov. 1, 1 a.m. – Officers spotted a man hopping over a small fence on Ocean Road, near Pardall Road. As the man approached a tree, the officers suspected he was going to urinate and warned him not to continue. The man replied “dude, its too late” and proceeded to empty his bladder. Had the man wet his pants, as opposed to exposing his genitals, the officers could not have issued him a citation for urinating in public. However, genitals were visible.