Editor, Daily Nexus,

It is time for the political junkies on this campus to put their money where their mouths are. Stop complaining about “stupid racist” conservatives or “ignorant hippie” liberals, and actually debate someone who isn’t a moron.

Believe it or not, conservatives, there do exist informed liberals with fantastically complex and intelligent political viewpoints. And believe it or not, liberals, there do exist conservatives who don’t just blindly repeat anti-intellectualist Republican talking points. What we need to do on this campus is get these two groups together, and start sorting through the ways we have misunderstood each other for so long.

I propose a campus forum for high-level political discourse. Such a forum might help to bridge the enormous gap between left- and right-wing thought. This forum could hold debates and civil discourse in a controlled setting.

Though I lean left, my political views are sophisticated and well-tempered by openness to alternate viewpoints. Since the conservatives on this campus are concerned about being underrepresented, I would like to make a special point of proposing a forum under bipartisan or representative leadership to ensure as “fair and balanced” an environment as possible.

Anyone, no matter what your political viewpoint, if you are eager to engage in and start building a forum for spirited but civil cross-party dialogue, please e-mail me at orin@umail.ucsb.edu. We can arrange a date to meet and start building from there.