Editor, Daily Nexus,

Ash Roughani’s Friday column, “The Harsh Realities of a Country Drenched in Red” (Daily Nexus, Nov. 5) spoke of the Democratic Party “fail[ing] to capitalize” on the politics of morality. As a nonpartisan voter and a Christian, I want to say that God is not a Republican. And he’s not a Democrat either, for that matter. The staggering logic of the Republicans is that it is OK to have tremendous respect for the lives of unborn children, and yet a desperate lack of respect for quality of life in terms of social, environmental and political issues. Republicans want to stop abortion? Take the proper steps. Increase health benefits so that women know they will have proper healthcare, and lower unemployment so that people can afford children. Simultaneously, I have trouble with the logic of the Democratic Party in that they “save the environment,” “save the whales,” “save those on death row,” and go ahead and kill the unborn. Roughani was correct in saying that this election will have “real effects on real people throughout the world.” Hopefully, Republicans will realize that being “pro-life” involves much more than abortion.