Expecting a larger voter turnout rate than usual, Santa Barbara County election officials said students in Isla Vista and on the UCSB campus should get to the polls early.

Clerk-Recorder-Assessor Joe Holland said the county expects a 75 percent voter turnout rate from the 15,789 voters registered in I.V. and at UCSB. He said this will make the polls more crowded than in previous years. The polls will open at 7 a.m. and will close at 8 p.m.

“We’ve seen signs of an increase in voter registration in I.V.,” Holland said. “There will be a lot of people at the polls.”

Holland said he expects the waiting time at each polling place to be less than 10 minutes, but voters wishing to avoid long waits should come early in the day. Voters should bring their sample ballot to the polls but do not need identification to vote, he said.

Only those voters who registered through the mail, did not provide a driver license or social security number and are first-time voters should bring ID, Holland said.

“Out of 213,000 registered voters in the county, that criteria only applies to 700,” Holland said.

Election Day will run smoothly, Holland said, as long as students are informed about their voting locations and prepared when they turn out at the polls.

“All students need to do is take a few minutes from their schedule, find the right polling place and come out early in the day,” he said. “Voting is fun, and if you want to make a difference, you need to express your voice through voting.”

Holland said registered voters at UCSB or in Isla Vista are divided into 12 voting precincts based on their addresses. He said each precinct is assigned to vote at one of nine local polling locations. Registered voters can find the location of their polling place on the sample ballot they received in the mail, by calling 1-800-SBC-VOTE or by logging onto sbcvote.com.

Holland said each polling site will post a large precinct map to help students locate their assigned poll. Polling sites include Hillel, St. Mark’s Catholic Church, the University Religious Center, Santa Barbara Korean United Methodist Church, Santa Ynez Apartments, Fontainebleu Apartments, Francisco Torres Residence Hall, and the San Miguel and Santa Rosa on-campus residence halls.

According to a county precinct map, voters who live on the 6500 blocks of Del Playa Drive, El Nido Lane or Sabado Tarde Road will vote at Hillel, located at 781 Embarcadero del Mar.

Voters who are registered at an address on the 6500 block of any other street between Trigo Road and El Colegio Road – excluding the portions of Cervantes, El Greco and Picasso roads east of Embarcadero del Norte – vote at St. Mark’s Catholic Church. Those registered to vote at an address on Cervantes, El Greco or Picasso east of Embarcadero del Norte will vote in the Fontainebleu lobby.

Voters residing on the 6600 through 6700 blocks of DP, Sabado Tarde and Trigo, as well as the southern half of Pasado Road, will vote at the Korean United Methodist Church, while those living on the 6600 blocks of any street from El Colegio to the north side of Pasado are assigned to vote at the University Religious Center.

The remainder of registered I.V. voters will vote at FT. Santa Ynez residents will vote at the Gibraltar Community Center, located in their apartment complex.

Voters who are registered on campus, Holland said, will vote at either Santa Rosa or San Miguel. He said on-campus voters may request to see a list, available at each polling site, that tells them their assigned location.