Editor, Daily Nexus,

Lately the weather has been shitty, and I am not talking about the rain here people. Every day last year, I used to look forward to opening the paper and reading the Nexus’ daily Weather. It was virtually a guaranteed laugh as well as an insightful reflection on interesting observations. Others have been nice to the current Weatherhuman and given him/her the benefit of the doubt that the column may someday get better. I have been patient and given the Weatherhuman a try, but the patience stops now. The only thing I can look forward to these days is a feeling of disgust after I suffer through the mindless opinions we find each day in the daily Weather. I actually experience physical pain from reading this column. Now I am not going to say that many people can do better, but the ‘human did apply for the job and needs to find some source of clever creativity before someone gets hurt. If the Weatherhuman doesn’t step up to the task, then the Nexus should toss his/her column out and run some classic Weather from the previous ‘human. I’m sure I speak for many when I say: We miss the old Weatherhuman, and he would be hysterically critical of the current material.