The UCen Hub will be replacing its fast-food fixings for tea parties and mad hatters this weekend in honor of Halloween.

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is hosting the “Malice in Wonderland” dance Saturday from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. in the Hub as an alternative program to partying in Isla Vista. After walking through a human-sized rabbit hole – the entrance to the completely redecorated Hub – event organizers said students can dance and compete in a costume contest. Rame Hanna, RHA rep-at-large and sophomore communication major, said the dance is free and is open only to UCSB students. He said the dance offers an alternative to students who are bored with the Isla Vista party scene.

“The dance is for people who don’t want to be surrounded by 35,000 people,” Hanna said. “On campus there will be no drunks and much more safety.”

The Hub’s transformation from a dining facility into Wonderland will cost $3,000, all of which will be paid for by RHA and a donation from Chancellor Henry Yang, Hanna said. He said the dance would be a one-of-a-kind event.

“Nothing like this has ever been done before,” Hanna said. “Nothing like it will ever be done again.”

The dance will feature DJ Davis, who performed at the Week of Welcome ice cream social. Hanna said Davis will be dressed as the Mad Hatter.

“The DJ will play all kinds of music for all kinds of tastes. Not just rap and pop, all flavors,” he said. “He will be the Mad Hatter and you’ll never recognize the Hub,” Hanna said.

RHA President and sophomore business economics major Jared Goldschen said the dance will be a well-attended activity.

“I was skeptical after first hearing the idea because on Halloween everybody goes to Isla Vista,” Goldschen said. “Now I’m very confident it’ll be huge.”

Hanna said the costume contest will judge the prettiest, scariest, most unique and best all-around outfit. Winners will receive gift certificates to the UCSB Bookstore worth between $25 and $75.

All RHA reps-at-large are required to create a schoolwide event each year, and Hanna said he chose to coordinate the Halloween dance.

“I created the idea out of my imagination,” Hanna said. “Making an evil ‘Alice in Wonderland’ would give the Hub a haunted, creepy feeling for Halloween.”

RHA Rep-at-Large and freshman dramatic arts major Sara Cogan said she promises students will not recognize the Hub once they enter the dance.

“I love to put on events and parties,” Cogan said. “This one’s going to be an exciting, huge party and we’re completely changing everything.”