Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am writing this letter in regards to Pedro Nava’s letter to the editor (“Let the Endorsements Speak for Themselves – Vote Nava,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 27).

First and foremost Mr. Nava, when I come to UCSB I see your opponent, Mr. Bob Pohl, not you. I have seen Mr. Pohl on numerous occasions speaking to students at the UCEN and, on one occasion, he stopped by on a door-to-door campaign at my friend’s house in I.V.

Next, your laundry list of endorsements doesn’t speak clearly at all to me. You speak of firefighters’ support. Mr. Nava, is that Santa Barbara County Fire Dept., Santa Barbara city, Ventura or Montecito? No, the group you speak of is in Sacramento.

Moreover, how dare you wave your finger and accuse Mr. Pohl of his campaign contributions. Do you have any proof that he has taken money from Sempra Energy? No. Nay-saying Wal-mart’s support of Pohl? They helped open a school in a low-income neighborhood – is that a bad thing? Even worse is that you have already spent $718,377 from our war chest whereas Mr. Pohl has only spent $416,623. Recently you have received $55,000 from attorneys, the exact people we want representing Isla Vista.

You ads have been erroneous, disputed by the media and even other democrats who worked with Mr. Pohl. You use depictions of deplorable schools that are not even located in Santa Barbara. I am not going to stoop to your level and bring up the article written by your ex-mother-in-law in the Santa Barbara News-Press calling your character into question.

Mr. Nava, I am a Democrat, yet you cannot count on my vote this year. When I think of the school and community I love so much, I cannot allow someone who has blatantly lied and made ridiculous and erroneous ads represent me, or my fellow students. Don’t come to my town and say you understand us and are the best man to represent us when the Daily Nexus quoted you saying, “I haven’t looked at the parking plan.” (“Candidate for State Assembly Visits UCSB,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 14). Haven’t looked at the I.V. Master Plan or the parking plan? You must have been too busy slinging mud instead of looking at one of the most important issues the residents of Isla Vista face.