Happiness doesn’t come in a box. At least it doesn’t for John Clark (Richard Gere), who struggles to find happiness in a seemingly perfect life. John has a great family, steady job, big house and a fancy car. It is only upon the discovery of Miss Mitzi’s Ballroom Dance Studio that John finds the missing element of his life.

“Shall We Dance?” probes beyond the ballroom dance floor and into the soul-searching of a middle aged accountant who longs for joy in his routine life. Through dance, John is able to lose inhibitions and re-discover himself and what he seeks in life. The variety of characters he meets along the way add comic relief to the story, especially Link (Stanley Tucci), a co-worker who has been secretly taking ballroom lessons cleverly disguised in a wig; Bobbie (Lisa Ann Walter), a middle-aged woman hopelessly trying to reveal her sexuality; Vern (Omar Benson Miller), an overweight sweetheart learning to dance for his fianc