Where is the right? I know you live in Isla Vista – I can see George W. Bush stickers, SUVs and nice cars.

Of course those telltale objects are not as prevailing as John Kerry paraphernalia because we don’t have the luxury of feeling safe putting a Bush sticker on our car. A liberal can do a lot more damage to a 3 Series or a Suburban than a conservative could to a ’67 Bug that probably has worse emission standards – just ask my old roommate.

But the real question asks why we do not hear from you as much as we have to constantly listen to and read about how the world is such a horrible place, that Bush sucks, that people are out of jobs because they are too afraid to take a job overseas, that in no time at all we won’t even see the Channel Islands because oil rigs will be blocking them and yadda, yadda, yadda.

In the past week the Daily Nexus has been rife with columns ranging from trying to convince you to waste your vote so that the Greenies can sleep more soundly, under the false pretense that people actually voted for them out of free will, to a three-section-long piece about Campus Democrats and their clever ploy of using “Napoleon Dynamite” to elect 35th District Assembly candidate Pedro Nava.

Gosh, you flippin’ idiots, go eat your ham! Don’t be afraid of the left’s presence on campus – especially all you freshmen. Voice your own opinion. We have the luxury of living in one of the most beautiful, high-end cities on the west coast – what better do we have to do than complain and try to be the savior of the world without trying to be the police?

For starters, you can give the left a slap in the face, and instead of being bombarded by the Campus Democrats with their ironing board full of pamphlets at the UCen, you can tell them that you are voting for Bush because you want a strong and determined leader, and that lessening the Three Strikes law is nothing more than a head-in-the-clouds hope that eventually they will learn better after what, the second or third felony? Yeah, that’ll happen.

Don’t be afraid to write into the Nexus – hell, if they publish this letter, chances are they will publish yours also. So please get off the couch and help me, for I am far too busy to go it alone championing the causes of the right and/or conservative – call it what you will – students on this campus.

Justin Violini is a senior political science major.