By late summer 2005, construction should be completed on the new Arbor convenience store, which will be 10 times larger than its predecessor and include a Woodstock’s Pizza, as well as a Subway sandwich shop.

On Oct. 4, Carroll Constructions outbid two competitors, Smith Constructions and Leon Constructions, in a process to determine which company would win the contract to build the new Arbor. Lance Heather, divisional manager of UCSB convenience stores, said Carroll Constructions won the bid because their conceptual design for the building used the $1.3 million project budget most efficiently. Reconstruction of the Arbor is expected to be complete by August 2005, and the new store is scheduled to open that fall.

UCen and Events Center Director Alan Kirby said the original plans for the building were $700,000 over budget, and a new bidding process to reduce these expenses commenced. Carroll Constructions, the company also responsible for building the Coral Tree Caf