Editor, Daily Nexus,

As a passive observer during these times of virulent electoral conflagration, I feel too little is being said about the nature of the political contests of our time. George Bush may have shown himself to be callous and reckless when it comes to issues of the environment, but what the hell has John Kerry pledged to do regarding this issue? Radio and TV political personalities have forced this election to take on attributes of the “Jerry Springer Show,” and now our own Daily Nexus is allowing the wave of sensationalism that pervades our national political atmosphere to crash on the beautiful shores of Central California.

Loren Williams’ column “Damn Skippy: Forget the Media; Kerry Knocks Bush Out,” (Daily Nexus, Oct. 5) can be seen as part of the degeneration of the American political process. Not only does the writer of this mundane article childishly ridicule the president by putting words in his mouth – words which were carefully crafted to give an inaccurate representation of the president – he also accuses him of being al-Qaeda’s choice for president. In his article he states, and I quote, “Kerry threw away the biggest weapon his campaign could possibly yield. He never once mentioned that if you vote for Bush the terrorists win.” So in accordance with the conjectures and extrapolations of Loren Williams, half of our country supports terrorism. Unless Williams maintains an intimate dialogue with the men of al-Qaeda, I doubt he could know what he purports to know.

In some sick alternate world Williams would be on the Fox News channel saying nothing for three hours a day while Bill O’Reilly sat on CNN refuting everything Williams said, but at the same time also saying nothing. I applaud your zealous support of John Kerry despite the fact that he is not my candidate of choice; however, the next time you feel you need to disgorge your malicious and unrealistic anger, perhaps you should use your mouth and not your pen so others won’t have to endure your rabble-rousing insensitivity.