Editor’s Note – We’ve received a number of letters in response to Tawni Wold’s letter, “Friends are Free; Save Some Cash And Forget Sororities” (Daily Nexus, Oct. 5). The following letters are those responses, edited for space constraints.

Editor, Daily Nexus,

I rushed last fall as a freshman, looking to find intelligent and confident women to bond with. While recruitment and the idea of meeting done-up sorority girls seemed fake at first, I soon saw the depth of these organizations. It’s not that we don’t party, but how many Isla Vistans don’t? The Snowboarding Club and the Environmental Affairs Board also host parties, but I don’t berate them because I might not share their interests.

I am fortunate to have dependable and caring sisters. It is the same for non-greeks. You might not be friends with all of your roommates, but you also pay to live with them and form close bonds. I hang out with my friends from last year – many of whom are not greeks – and while some may not understand greeks, they still tolerate us.

As I am open minded to those with different beliefs or musical tastes, I ask the non-greeks to be respectful of our “practices,” and know that I am not “so [disgusted]” by those of you who do not take part.