Editor, Daily Nexus,

So the other day started out like any other: a glass of something that’s supposed to taste like orange juice – courtesy of the dining commons – in one hand, a Daily Nexus in the other. As I’m skimming the front page I see the article “Fraternities, Sororities Begin Fall Recruitment” (Daily Nexus, Oct. 1). I can’t resist reading, because the idea and ideals of sororities and fraternities have always seemed like a huge joke to me. That particular morning I needed a good laugh. Oh yeah, this was going to be good, I thought, as I skim by Andrea Holland, public relations vice president of Gamma Phi Beta, saying, “All the girls do a chant-type thing to pump the girls up. We try to look uniform and all wear the same kind of clothes.”

Rush sounds mighty similar to the time I went to cheerleading camp at the age of eight. How much prissier and more annoying could a group of college girls get? I ended up reading the article word for word and was appalled to find out that you “rushies” or whatever the hell you call yourselves paid $85 just to go through the process of rush. How could you be so desperate to fit in somewhere, to find a niche, that you would pay for people to judge you and decide whether you’re good enough to be their friend?

It’s so disgusting that some of you girls actually subjected yourselves to this. To those who are now in sororities: Are you not just paying for people to be your friends? To have a designated party every Friday and Saturday and God only knows what other days of the week to attend? Go out and make some real friends, ones that aren’t going to require payments and wear shirts that match and have cutesy sayings on them. Go find friends that won’t force you to suck up to them the first year of your friendship. You “sisters” already attended high school. Why do it over again?