I am a property manager in Isla Vista and have the illustrious pleasure of managing one of the buildings on beachside Del Playa cited by the County of Santa Barbara. There are five units in my building, formerly occupied by 27 college students.

My office and the owners of 6757 Del Playa wish to formally thank all of our tenants for their understanding during our fight with the county. Each tenant (and parent) was extremely patient while we struggled to obtain current information from the county and our attorney. Each waited patiently until the bitter end for the final determination on whether or not they could stay. Each has worked together with this office to do anything possible to keep them in their apartments, and with a positive attitude. Each has believed in this office and the owners that we would do everything possible (and legal) to continue their leases, as long as the engineers deemed the building safe. Unfortunately, we have temporarily lost that battle, but we are still fighting the war.

Fortunately, all have been successful in relocation, even if it is couch surfing for a few weeks. We wish them success with their new apartments, and the knowledge that they will be able to rent from this office again, any time, anywhere. I personally wish to thank the building for the awesome party this past Saturday night. It was an honor and a pleasure to be invited and included by the “younger generation.” And, yes – I really did show up.

You guys are awesome.