Tonight, residents of Isla Vista will have the first of many opportunities to give input on several community issues.

The Project Area Committee and General Plan Advisory Committee (PAC/GPAC) will meet at 6:30 p.m. in the University Religious Center at 777 Camino Pescadero to discuss areas of the I.V. Master Plan. Tonight’s agenda includes a study on beach restrooms in I.V. and various administrative items.

Jamie Goldstein, project manager for Santa Barbara County Planning & Development, said the GPAC is focusing on the administrative aspects of the Master Plan until the environmental impact report, which began over a year ago, is completed.

“We’re in a holding pattern right now until the EIR is released and reviewed,” Goldstein said. “We’ll be focusing on the more administrative items until we have something that we can sink our teeth back into.”

The agenda item expected to generate the most direct interest from the community is the issue of beach restrooms, Goldstein said.

“The best thing to do seems to be to put one at the east end of I.V. and one at the west end, but some residents have raised concerns about seeing a restroom at the west end,” he said. “Concerns with safety and sanitation have also been raised, so the discussion could lead to a pretty interesting debate.”

The Master Plan is a long-range guide to improvements and development in I.V. The plan focuses on concerns such as housing, parking, infrastructure and community services. The PAC/GPAC was formed to assist the creation of the Master Plan and consists of representatives from local businesses, landowners, residents, the I.V. Tenants’ Union, I.V. Youth Projects, the Santa Barbara Student Housing Co-op, the Graduate Student Association and Associated Students.