With three days left in my career, here are three things I’ve been meaning to get off my chest.

I have to tell the lady at I.V. Bakery that I’ve noticed her habit of shorting me by 10 cents on my change (every time), and I don’t care, because that place is the fucking bomb.

I have to acknowledge that I made fun of Arnold, but the job he’s doing as governor is the best thing he’s ever done, excluding “T2” and “T3”. It’s better than “Predator,” and that’s saying something.

By popular demand, I have to tell my buddy Baldo to trim his bowl cut, for God’s sake.

Wednesday’s forecast: I have to tell anyone who ever laughed at this box that I love you. Come out to my book signing and I’ll tell you in person. Watch the box for details.

The Weather Reader goes on sale next week at the Nexus, below Storke Tower.