Editor, Daily Nexus,

While I understand and admire Ms. Greenwell’s sentiment regarding the purpose and potential of the Daily Nexus and all that it could accomplish in the enlightenment of the student body (“Nexus Has a Responsibility to Be Culturally Sensitive,” Daily Nexus, May 18), I must respectfully disagree with my esteemed counterculture compatriot.

Greenwell valiantly points out the many “amazing works of Indus, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Gospel Choir, Hermanos Unidos” and, as she points out, the list could indeed go on. Having attended a Gospel Choir performance myself, I understand and appreciate her point. Yet it is her opinion that news of this sort should replace other, less intellectually broadening columns in the paper, such as the “ignorant” sex column. “Intrigue me, teach me, add to my mind more than just a new word once a week from the crossword section,” she says. This is where she goes astray.

I believe I speak for many others when I say that I do not read the paper to be enlightened or intellectually challenged. Chances are you’re probably reading this paper in class. If you wanted to learn, you’d stop reading and start listening to your professor. The goal of a paper like the Daily Nexus should not be to teach. When I read it, my goal is to burn as much time as possible in a more entertaining way than actually paying attention. Ninety percent of the time I’d probably skip the first three or so pages, were it not for my desire to read the humorous antics and cheeky wit of the Weatherhuman. Usually the only part I really do read aside from that is the opinion section.

The reason I read is not to contemplate other perspectives on challenging issues; it’s to be entertained. It’s to laugh as Loren Williams and other columnists make fun of opposing views and to crack jokes about the stupid editorials with your classmates. Even that freshman kid who keeps writing in – whether you love him or hate him – he sparks humorous banter between you and the hottie sitting next to you. Trust me, it works a whole lot better than turning to her and saying, “So, you read about those budget cuts? Pretty crazy, huh?”

Personally, I’d like to thank the Nexus for helping me get through those tough engineering classes, and I encourage it to keep up the good work.