Last Wednesday’s issue of the Nexus contained an article about the start of the campaign season for the Associated Students Legislative Council elections (“A.S. Hopefuls Begin Campaigning,” April 7), yet it failed to tell the entire story of who was running this year. The article speaks of the incumbent Student Action Coalition party, the second coming of the Student Unity Now party and the new creation of the Students’ Party, but failed to mention this year’s newest addition to campus politics: the League of Independent Candidates.

The Nexus has a policy of printing corrections made aware to them, so like any other group or individual, the League asked that a correction be run, giving credit and notice to our new creation. Our goal with that correction was to inform the students of this new creation as an alternative to the traditional party system and as a movement for greater representation of the student body on an individual level. After numerous visits to the Nexus in an attempt for representation, the League and its candidates were the victim of vitriolic libel by the Weatherhuman in his Tuesday column (“Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution,” Daily Nexus, April 13).

The column states that the LIC liaison was a “wacko” and “bitched” about not mentioning him running for A.S. president. We have no candidate running for A.S. president but do have three students running for legislative representatives: Sam Giles and Nick Deien for off-campus rep and Jonathan Clotworthy for rep-at-large. The Nexus Weatherhuman goes on to question the meaning behind our group, the legitimacy of our name and even recommended to us a new derogatory title.

We realize the Nexus Weatherhuman is completely entitled to its opinion, however misguided it might be, which might be its purpose to begin with. With this being the only coverage of the League of Independent Candidates, we feel it is necessary for us to remedy this situation since we were not mentioned in the original article, and no correction was ever made. We are willing to put the past behind and start a new relationship based on honesty and integrity between our two groups with the goal of accurately informing the student body about all the candidates running in this year’s A.S. election. With that, we would now like to correctly render the story of LIC.

The League of Independent Candidates was founded on the idea that student leadership need not be inhibited by the party system, but be able to flourish as individuals working for the common good of all students. Just as the Nexus said, we are not a party. We are, though, a group of student leaders with various backgrounds in student leadership, working together in an effort to bypass traditional organization and make more efficient use of resources, individual skills and know-how. Our goal is to provide educational, representational and social benefits for students without being tied down to set ideologies associated with the party system. With that, we can serve as representatives who are more in tune to the diversified atmosphere of the student body. The League proposes no restriction of ideology, but strongly encourages a wide spectrum of ideas, as we feel all interests of the student body.

With this article, we hope to remedy any misconceptions between the Nexus and LIC, and move one step closer to providing the student body with an accurate representation of all of this year’s candidates for A.S. Legislative Council.

Jonathan Clotworthy is a sophomore anthropology major. Sam Giles is a freshman political science and global studies major.