Editor, Daily Nexus,

Wow. I have a couple of words to say to Anthony Manganaro of San Nicholas Residence Hall: Get over it. I read the article “San Nic Dicks and Paranoid Chicks: More Rants From a Freshman” (Daily Nexus, March 31) and realized that you are an idiot. Would you please shut up?

Want to know why the boys on the lawn don’t throw you the ball? They probably think you are either retarded or a freak for yelling at them because they won’t include you in their little game. (Or, maybe it was because you were actually wearing a shirt). Anyway, just because they don’t like you, doesn’t mean they are dicks. In fact, I get the feeling the opposite is more likely to be true.

Oh, and you hate boring people? Well, excuse you. You ask a kid a question about the !Kung tribe and he doesn’t respond so that makes him boring? If you really want to know about the !Kung tribe, then read the damn book or actually show up to class every now and then. If it still is really bothering you, the !Kung tribe is a small group of Africans who live in huts and gather food and sometimes hunt large game. Unfortunately, they cannot continue with their natural way of life because stupid white people came and decided to ruin everything.

Now you’re complaining about girls who won’t talk to you? This needs no explanation. Instead of whining about people who have no sense of humor and aren’t interesting, why don’t you just leave them alone? Do us all a favor.

And by the way, this explains why you can’t get laid. Instead of writing a new equation, how about you just give up trying.