Gov. Schwarzenegger’s second brainchild continues along in the same cowardly vein as Prop 57. Prop 58 is a California Constitutional Amendment that prevents future governors and legislatures from passing budgets that request more money than is available in the General Fund. Excepting, of course, all of the money that is not available in the General Fund that Gov. Schwarzenegger is seeking in bonds with Prop 57. Prop 58, unlike 57, has one redeeming feature: It also calls for the creation of a Budget Stabilization Account. A small percentage of the General Fund – between 1 and 3 percent – would be contributed each year. As allowed, portions of this could later be made into another sort of rainy day account. However, for Prop 58 to make it into the state constitution, Prop 57 would also have to pass. Good thing Prop 56 makes a rainy day account too.