A university Physical Facilities employee was rushed to the hospital by paramedics after collapsing near Campbell Hall early Wednesday morning.

At 7:22 a.m., dispatchers at the UC Police Dept. received a call from Physical Facilities Lock Shop supervisor Cesar Lugo alerting them that locksmith Patrick McGovern had collapsed while out on call to fix a lock on Service Road, east of Campbell Hall, UCPD Officer Mark Signa said.

Signa said the police report stated that a fellow employee had turned his back momentarily while working with McGovern that morning. When he turned back around, he saw McGovern lying on his back on the ground in convulsions, and he immediately radioed for assistance.

Lugo told police that McGovern, who had fallen and struck his head on the concrete, was bleeding and was not breathing. Paramedics and police immediately responded to the call. While on their way to the scene, paramedics were informed that McGovern had resumed breathing.

After arriving at the scene, paramedics transported McGovern to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, where he was treated for his injuries.

Robert Wright, superintendent for Physical Facilities, said McGovern was still in the hospital at press time, but that he still didn’t know the exact details of the incident. Details concerning McGovern’s condition were not released, but Wright said he had spoken with McGovern, and that he sounded eager to get out of the hospital.

“We really don’t know what happened,” Wright said. “We don’t know if he fainted or fell.”

The co-worker at the scene, whose name was not released, could not be reached for comment. Wright said the co-worker is probably still shaken up over the incident.

“To see your friend hurt like that – it was pretty dramatic for him,” Wright said.