An 18-year-old woman was taken to the hospital Tuesday night after she rode her bike into a car while she was entering the intersection of Embarcadero del Mar and Pardall Road.

Shortly after 9:00 p.m., Darci Wartz was riding her bike northbound on Embarcadero Del Mar. Police and witnesses said Wartz ran the stop sign adjacent to Silvergreens restaurant and struck the front of a white sedan making a left turn from westbound Pardall onto southbound Embarcadero del Mar.

“It was a loud crash, that’s why I turned around and saw it,” said Michael O’Bryan, who was sitting outside Java Jones on Pardall.

Alice Hancock, who was also sitting outside Java Jones, said she and eight or nine other coffee shop patrons ran to assist the woman, provide first-aid and call 911 via cell phones. The woman complained of severe back pain.

“[The victim] was on the ground with her bike on top of her. She started saying she was OK, but then she tried to sit up, and then said she wasn’t OK,” Hancock said. “She was in shock. [Passers-by] helped her stay on her back until the ambulance arrived.”

Police said the male driver, whose identity was not released, was not cited and was allowed to leave the scene. The impact damaged the car’s left rearview mirror and dented its left front fender.

“She blew through the stop sign, just like everyone else does in I.V.; she didn’t have a head light, just like everyone else in I.V.; and she wasn’t wearing a helmet, just like everyone else in I.V.,” said California Highway Patrol Officer Nees, who refused to give his first name. “It was her fault – 100 percent.”