In its meeting Wednesday night, the Associated Students Legislative Council heard two executive reports and discussed a bill to amend the A.S. By-Laws.

External Vice President of Local Affairs Logan Green spoke briefly about projects affecting Isla Vista, including the Isla Vista Action Group’s preliminary plan suggesting banning weekend night parking on campus. When Green presented the idea on Jan. 22 to the Leg Council, several members expressed their disapproval. Green told the council he is working with the IVAG to revise the proposal, which he said would hardly affect students.

“Students will still be able to park on campus and get passes for their family and friends who come to visit,” Green said. “It’s a really minor issue and it probably won’t affect anyone at all. We just want to reduce the random partiers.”

Executive Director Don Daves-Rougeaux updated the council on the improper employment of A.S. Bike Shop workers two weeks ago to gather signatures for a petition. The petition was in support of a vote for a student lock-in fee to fund the construction of a Broida Expressway bikepath. A student lock-in fee funds the Bike Shop, and its bylaws state that it cannot fund petitioning. Daves-Rougeaux said the signature gatherers would be paid instead by A.S. Business Services, which does not fall under the same restrictions.

Daves-Rougeaux also announced that A.S. Notetaking & Publications Service is considering adjusting its facilities to accommodate the increase in business they have experienced this year. While maintaining the same location, Daves-Rougeaux said the office would try to reorganize the pick-up window area and separate the room where teachers come to order readers from the copy machines.

“Because we’re getting more volume of readers through A.S. Notetaking [& Publications], we’re looking at redesigning the space to accommodate more student traffic,” he said.

After updates on old business, Off-campus Representative Kristen Ditlevsen introduced the newest in a series of several recent bills to amend the A.S. By-Laws. The bill would allow A.S. committees, which rely on Leg Council approval to allocate funding, to request a “rush phone vote to approve minutes when extenuating circumstances exist.”

Off-campus Representative Lance Tackett, one of the bill’s supporters, said earlier this year A.S. BIKES voted to spend its funds to rent out a space in I.V. for an event, but were unable to write a check without consent from the Leg Council. The proposed bill would allow an A.S. committee to contact a Leg Council member, who could initiate a council vote by phone to approve the committee meeting minutes in which funds are requested.

Representative-at-large Cervin Morris voiced his support of the bill.

“This bill creates a level of responsibility among board members and leggies,” Morris said. “We’re here to get things done and to make things easier for our boards and committees.”

In accordance with council procedure, the bill was tabled automatically and will be voted on next week.