Ok, I forked over the $20 bucks for the Lingerie Bowl. Just call it research. I mean it is football, and I am a sports writer. Just doing my job, right?

Here is my professional opinion on the Lingerie game: Don’t let this be the last, and they really need to utilize the “tight ends” because there were plenty to go around.

However, I have plenty to say to those skeptics who thought girls couldn’t play football: better watch a replay because surprisingly those supermodels actually hit, and hit hard. For reference, think mud wrestling without the mud.

Unfortunately though, I could have saved my $20 bucks and kept the TV glued on CBS at halftime.

I never would have thought that I could have gotten a free show on the usually tame CBS. Not only was there a streaker, but also what was the deal with Janet Jackson anyway? She sings her hits from the ’80s dances with a guy who wants to be like her brother and then reveals a special guest, I mean breast. I guess she wants her 15 minutes of fame, even though I thought her career ended with the Rhythm Nation album.

But still nothing kept me more glued to the TV on Sunday than a quarterback, and I’m not talking about Team Dream quarterback Nikki Ziering or Team Euphoria quarterback Angie Everhart.

I’m talking about Tom Brady.

Call Tom Brady what you want but the guy can flat out win, and in professional sports that’s all that matters.

The MVP, who might not even have played in the Super Bowl if not for an injury to Drew Bledsoe, put together a last-minute comeback against the Rams two years ago, and did the exact same thing to the Panthers in Houston on Sunday. Other quarterbacks might have the stats on Brady, but nobody owns the fourth quarter like the former Michigan Wolverine.

Plus, you can watch any Patriot game with your girlfriend because she will have her eyes locked on Brady the whole game while you are able to watch the game’s entirety. At least the girls who I watched the game with on Sunday did. They were just hoping nobody would injure his face.

Add to the fact that he’s only 26 and this stud could be quarterbacking the Super Bowl favorite Patriots again next year. Not only is he the youngest quarterback to win a Super Bowl, he is also the youngest to win two.

What other proof do you need to show this guy is good?

An undefeated 6-0 record in the playoffs?

Leading his team to 15 straight wins?

Brady, who grew up in the Bay Area, reminds me of a former quarterback who used to play football around there.

I think his name was Joe Montana and he had a pretty good career.