Lock and load your keyboards and mice because the Computer Gaming Club is hosting another LAN party.

The event, in which gamers come together and plug their computers into a local area network (LAN) to battle against each other in different computer games, will be held Saturday from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the Santa Rosa Formal Lounge. Before fraggers can join the fray, however, they must register with the club today today at 6 p.m. in the UCen Harbor Room. The registration fee is $5 per person, which covers unlimited pizza, snacks, beverages and a raffle ticket for prizes at the event, club co-chair Glenn Wyatt said.

“We got a lot of stuff from sponsors this time, so we can give away prizes this time,” he said.

Computer hardware manufacturers, such as Alienware and Corsair Memory, are sponsoring the event, donating promotional T-shirts, mouse pads, stickers, pens and hats.

Wyatt said previous gatherings saw an average turnout of about 50 people. He said the club would try to accommodate as many players as possible, but that the power consumption of the computers would limit the amount of people able to join the digital battle royal. The average computer uses about 300 watts of power per hour, and the lounge has a finite amount of electricity for the LAN party.

“We encourage people who have laptops to bring them instead [of desktops],” Wyatt said.

Gamers are asked to bring their own computer tower, monitor, headphones, ethernet cable, power cables, mouse and keyboard to the event, the club’s website said. Prior to coming to the daylong online slugfest, Wyatt said participants should install and update anti-virus software. He said ResNet, the organization that manages the computer network in residential halls, would not allow players to enter the event without updated anti-virus software.