On Tuesday morning at 7, Isla Vista Foot Patrol deputies arrested a man for allegedly burglarizing an I.V. apartment over Winter Break.

Saul Garcia, 18, was arrested on one count of residential burglary for stealing items from an apartment on the 6600 block of Sueno Road. Garcia was booked into the county jail with bail set at $30,000.

Garcia was identified by a left thumbprint lifted from a radio in the apartment.

“Through forensic evidence collected, a suspect with local gang affiliations was identified,” Sgt. Tom Walton said. “We know who he is because of prior contact with him.”

Walton declined to identify the gang Garcia allegedly belongs to.

“We’re trying not to give the gang any publicity because it’s a badge of honor within the gang system to go out and commit a crime like this,” Walton said.

Walton said Garcia stole approximately $5,100 in cash and electronics, including a laptop, a stereo system, Victoria’s Secret underwear, a leopard-print pouch containing $44 in quarters, $70 in cash, a belt and photographs of the apartment’s female residents.