In Jan. 13’s article, “Firestone Chats It Up With I.V. Residents,” Tom Widroe was incorrectly identified as Firestone’s campaign manager. He is an advisor to Firestone. Ken Poole is Firestone’s campaign manager.

The Daily Nexus regrets this error.

Monday night, 3rd District supervisor candidate and longtime Santa Barbara county resident Brooks Firestone sallied forth into the wilds of Isla Vista to visit his prospective constituents in their native habitat.

Firestone had a pizza and beer dinner at Woodstock’s Pizza with his wife, a UCSB reentry student at art history major Kate Firestone, his son Andrew Firestone, his campaign manager Thomas Widroe and a few members of his campaign staff, before walking over to the Study Hall for beer. Brooks Firestone said the outing was not a campaign opportunity, but a quiet evening in the area.

Widroe called the Daily Nexus as Firestone was at Woodstock’s and suggested the paper cover it.

Andrew Firestone, who starred in the third season of the reality show “The Bachelor,” said he visited a few sorority houses in I.V. earlier that evening, talking about his dad’s campaign and “shaking cages.” He said students seem unaware how much the results of the elections for county supervisor could potentially affect them.

“It’s as though county supervisor doesn’t seem as important [to voters] as senatorial elections, as governor’s elections because you can’t feel it,” Andrew Firestone said. “Students are going to feel this election.”

Ken Poole, a recent graduate of UCSB’s Global Studies Dept., said he had been hired onto Brooks Firestone’s campaign through his work at Davies Communications, a local public relations company. Poole said he started his political career “really casually,” but that now he has worked “a bunch of campaigns.”

“A friend just grabbed me one weekend,” Poole said. “[We did] some walks, knocking on doors, registering voters, generating support.”

After talking with some of the students in the bar, Brooks Firestone settled onto his bar stool and gestured at the bar patrons.

“You know how the old guys say all this is wasted on youth,” he said. “I teach American history up in the valley, so I’m not an entire stranger to all this.”

Widroe, meanwhile, found it strange that many Study Hall patrons declined the free beer he offered them.

Shannan Boyer, a senior film studies major who was at the Study Hall when the Firestones arrived, greeted the candidate with an enthusiastic handshake.

“You’ve got my vote, sir,” she said.

Although she said she was not familiar with Firestone’s political views, Boyer said she knew “he’s a Republican in Santa Barbara, and that’s very rare.” Boyer said she looked forward to following Firestone’s campaign closely in the future.