Made it through the first week. It’s nice to be back in school. In case you didn’t notice, the ‘human didn’t have much to say on the academic front last quarter. Yeah. Didn’t do too well. I started slowly, then had trouble recovering because I didn’t go to class for the last six weeks. Oh well, all it says on the report card is NP, NP and my GPA is still creeping in above 3.0, just like before.

But now I’m back to book-learnin’. I was afraid it would take me a while to shake the rust off, but then I remembered I’m an English major, and a good one, and soon I was saying, “It’s a comment on our society’s (fill in the blank)” with the best of them.

Friday’s forecast: 100 percent chance of issues, with steady race, gender and sexuality, and flurries of oppression, repression, depression and obsession.