More UC Budget Cuts
The UCSD Guardian
January 6, 2004 – Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced a $150 million in mid-year state budget cuts that include a $29.9 million cut to the University of California’s current $2.9 billion operating budget.

The announcement, made Dec. 18, came earlier than University officials had anticipated. The budget cuts were expected to be revealed when the governor’s full budget proposal is released Jan. 10.

Of the $29.9 million in budget cuts, the University is preparing for $15.7 million to be in unallocated cuts and $2 million in cuts to the Institute for Labor and Employment. The University’s K-12 outreach programs were cut by 50 percent last year and could face another $12.2 million in cuts or even elimination.

In addition to the mid-year cuts, Schwarzenegger has also asked that all state agencies – including the UC – freeze spending and hiring. UC President Robert C. Dynes released a statement asking the University to follow the executive order.

Global Warming Brings Big Changes to CA’s Coastal Waters
UCSC Faculty Newsletter
January 5, 2004 -UC Santa Cruz researchers have determined that global warming could cause severe changes in the wind-driven upwelling of deep ocean water along the California coast.

Directed by Professor of Earth Sciences Lisa Sloan, the team of researchers used computer models of the regional climate to demonstrate that upwelling, circular currents that bring cold water from the deep ocean to the surface along the California coast will probably intensify over the next 50 years due to increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Previous research has found that the intensity of upwelling has increased over the last 30 years as a result of stronger winds driven by an increase in atmospheric pressure over land and water.

The upwelling of deep waters brings nutrients to the surface that benefit marine life and fisheries. Researcher s at UCSC are currently testing how global warming might affect upwelling and how that might in turn affect coastal ecosystems and fisheries.

Foundation Awards $17.5 Million for 30-Meter Telescope Plans
UCSC Faculty Newsletter
January 5, 2004 – The University of California received a $17.5 million award from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to be used to develop the most powerful telescope in the world.

The University will collaborate with the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), which received a grant from the foundation for the same amount, totaling $35 million available to build the telescope, which will be named Thirty Meter Telescope. The proposed 30-meter-diameter telescope will produce images 12 times clearer than those of the Hubble Space Telescope.

“The University of California and Caltech will work in close and constant collaboration to achieve the goals of the design effort,” Director of UC Observatories Joseph Miller said.
– Compiled by Jenny Mayock