A step was taken to bridge the social lives of drinkers and teetotalers at Wednesday night’s meeting of the Associated Students Legislative Council.

An amendment to the A.S. Legal Code that would allow Finance Board to fund student events that serve alcohol passed without opposition. Representative-at-Large Kristen Ditlevsen, co-author of the measure, said the bill would help bring students together on campus.

“There’s so much emphasis on creating alternative programming to the party scene in Isla Vista, but this will help bridge the gap between the partygoers and the alternative group,” Ditlevsen said. “Whether or not people choose to drink, student-run events shouldn’t be segregated.”

Ditlevsen said the revision to the code is small in scope, due to existing stipulations that only allow A.S. to provide $100 for food per group each year. That money can now potentially go towards alcohol. The changes will allow A.S. to fund student group events that previously were ineligible, Ditlevsen said.

Hip Hop Club representative Alejandro Preciado requested $550 for security for a popping battle in Storke Plaza Saturday night. Popping is a form of hip hop dancing. With a $500 grand prize, the event has already received funding exceeding $2,000 from the A.S. Legal Resource Center, the Office of Student Life, the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor. Preciado said security for the event will include the work of police and community service officers. The money, which will come from the Finance Board Fund, was granted in an unopposed vote. The money was granted by Leg Council instead of by Finance Board because the board did not hold a meeting this week.

Leg also passed a resolution co-authored by Off-campus Representative Courtney Weaver announcing the council’s support for the grocery workers on strike. In discussion, Off-campus Representative Jared Renfro said the bill would have had more impact with the support of a UCSB professor. However, Off-campus Representative Lance Tackett said that the bill was strong enough on its own.

“We are the voice of the students,” Tackett said. “This is our school and we don’t need a professor to support our decision.”

The bill passed without opposition, though some members abstained from voting. Weaver said she was proud of the council’s decision.

“It’s important that we show our support for [these workers], because there are students affected by this,” Weaver said.

Associate Dean of Students Carolyn Buford brought in two videos to show the council last night. One was a copy of a “Dateline” segment on porn parties in Isla Vista, and the other was from the I.V. Foot Patrol showing the crowds on Del Playa Drive on Halloween.