The Associated Students Legislative Council’s agenda for last night’s meeting included hearing presentations on the board’s financial statements and a petition about the name of a three-legged guinea pig.

Financial auditors Jeff Harris and Andy Simonsen of Nasif, Hicks, Harris & Co. gave a presentation of the A.S. financial statement, which included the group’s investments, assets and income over the last year. Harris said he was pleased to announce the audit revealed that A.S., a tax-exempt organization, has assets totaling nearly $1 million.

Logan Green, external vice president of local affairs, spoke about the San Clemente graduate student housing project the university is planning to build on Storke Field off El Colegio Road. Green said the buildings would limit the utility of the field for the community.

Green said a meeting will be held in the A.S. office tonight at 7, where Chuck Haines, a planner for Housing and Residential Services, will give a presentation of the project plans to students from the Environmental Affairs Board, recreational sports and club teams and the Shoreline Preservation Fund.

Green said that although he disagrees with the project’s location, it would cost the project several million dollars to change the plans at this point.

“No one wants this to become a public battle,” Green said. “I don’t want to make any trouble, but something should be done.”

Off-campus Representative Courtney Weaver presented a position paper stating that Leg Council should support the United Food and Commercial Workers, who are striking at Albertsons and Vons grocery stores. The proposal was tabled for consideration until next week.

The council next voted to table Off-campus Representative Lance Tackett’s proposed “accountability bill” until next week.

Representative-at-Large Katie Joaquin circulated a petition at the beginning of the meeting asking members to protest the renaming of the A.S. Community Affairs Board’s pet guinea pig, Angelica, by the board members.

Joaquin said she was hoping that the “prestige of the Leg Council would convince the C.A.B. people not to change her name to Thorlak.”

Angelica, who lives in the C.A.B. office, was adopted because her owners were neglecting her. The guinea pig chewed off one of its own legs when it became caught in its cage, Joaquin said.