I would just like to say how extremely disappointed I am in the tone and nature of the email distributed to the UCSB student body.

“The Party Is Over.” I love how matter-of-fact this is stated. The subject simply could’ve read: “Guide to Halloween in Isla Vista” or “Guidelines for a Safe Halloween” or even “Halloween Week Regulations”.

The Zero Tolerance policy was in affect last year, and the party was sure on. One could have distributed this information in a tone that reflected concern and provides adequate information without using these scare tactics and attempts to dictate what the residents of Isla Vista can do. UCSB, as much as it wants to act like it owns this land, does not, regardless of whatever jurisdictional agreements made with the county.

This type of attitude that is reflected through UCSB administration simply further fosters the anger and discontent with authority that many I.V. residents have. I’d really love to meet a person in Isla Vista who spent six months in jail because of public intoxication. Being our friend is a lot more beneficial than acting as a dictator.

And why does UCSB feel it’s beneficial to tell people that bookings will take 10 to 12 hours and no blankets will be provided? As if any of us intend to go to jail because it’s going to be a night at the Bacara. That only makes the county sheriff and the Foot Patrol look even worse. Great way to foster community relations by making the IVFP out to be such a friendly and efficient organization.

Why not inform students that the Foot Patrol is there to break up their parties if things get out of hand or if anyone is having any sort of trouble being harassed or otherwise? That would definitely be some useful information that would foster a sense of respect to our officers and also portray them as people who are there to help not just bust you for puking in the street.

The noise restriction is also completely absurd. 6 p.m. starting today? Who are you kidding? It’s completely over-restrictive and punitive toward all of us here in Isla Vista. I’ve also seen countless violations issued where the music hasn’t been audible from within 100 feet, so feel free to ask the officer to walk you 100 feet to demonstrate the violation and if not, well have fun in court fighting it.

I don’t know anyone who plans on getting dressed up and wasted today or Wednesday. It’s just another example of the lack of satisfaction that Isla Vistans have with their governing body, the illustrious Board of Supervisors. Let’s be realistic here. Thursday from 8 p.m. to Sunday at 10 p.m. makes a lot more sense than forbidding us to barbecue and play some tunes tomorrow at dinnertime.

So my fellow Gauchos, tell your friends to park on campus, pay the $7 parking fee and walk into town. Or print out your handy free weekend pass and give it to them while you park in your spot. Also be sure to inform your friends of the basics: no beer in the street, no cups right side up and no ass grabbing. Oh yeah, and be sure to tell them that UCSB said the party is over the minute you hit DP.

I know Halloween will be out of control and understand the role of government to limit the damage and provide adequate protection to all of us, but please, don’t be so condescending when addressing us. May everyone have a fun and safe time and may the students, visitors and officers all have respect for each other.

John Eggart is a senior political science major.