Drunk and Belligerent, Part I

On Friday, Oct. 24, Isla Vista Foot Patrol officers responded to a fight on the 6600 block of Del Playa Drive. They told a group of men to stop fighting and get off the street. A 27-year-old man approached an officer he recognized from earlier in the evening.

The officer said the suspect had bloodshot eyes, thick and slurred speech, unsteady balance and disheveled clothing. The man was belligerent, agitated and obviously intoxicated. The officer told the suspect he did not want to speak to him and warned him that he would soon be subject to arrest if he did not leave.

The man refused to leave and the officer asked some of his friends to remove him. As his friends attempted to pull him away, he continued yelling that he did not have to leave and the police could not do anything to him. The officer watched the group as they walked down the alleyway to Sabado Tarde Road.

Later that night, the officer saw the same group of men yelling and causing a disturbance in the roadway of the 6600 block of Sabado Tarde. Two other officers had already contacted the group to issue citations. While two of the men were being cited, the remaining troublemakers refused to leave the area. The officer approached the group to tell them to leave and recognized the same man from the previous incident.

The officer told the suspect to turn around and put his hands behind his head. Instead, he told the officer that he could not arrest him. The officer then grabbed the man’s left arm and told him to get on the ground.

The suspect tried to pull away, but the officer managed to get him to the ground and in handcuffs. While being issued his citation for public intoxication, the man continually asked what he was being arrested for.

Drunk and Belligerent, Part II

While responding to an unrelated incident on Friday, Oct. 24 on the 6600 block of Sabado Tarde, IVFP officers observed the same group causing a disturbance. One 28-year-old man yelled that he could stand in the middle of the street all night and be loud and no one could do anything about it.

The officers defied this proclamation when they yelled at the group to get out of the street and onto the sidewalk. In response, the man proudly raised his middle finger and yelled, “Hey, fuck you! Why don’t you shut the fuck up and make me?”

Officers accepted the invitation and walked into the street to contact the suspect. They again advised him to get on the sidewalk. The suspect said, “Fuck you guys” and began yelling incoherently.

The officers described the man as belligerent, uncooperative and unable to follow directions. He was arrested for public intoxication and transported to the county jail with his buddy.

Is It in You?

On Friday, Oct. 24 an officer saw a 20-year-old woman walking down the 6600 block of DP carrying a Gatorade bottle, which was partially filled with a clear liquid.

When she saw the officers, the woman lowered the bottle to her side to conceal it. The officers contacted the woman and asked her what was in the bottle. She initially said it was Gatorade, but when the officer told her Gatorade is not usually clear, she said, “OK, it might be vodka.”

The officer smelled the contents of the bottle and found that it was indeed vodka, but also detected a hint of fruity flavoring. The woman admitted it was Burnett’s raspberry vodka. She said she was embarrassed because it was “cheap vodka” and she “couldn’t afford the good stuff.”

The lack of quality booze became the least of the woman’s problems when she could not provide any form of identification to the officer. She told the officer her name and provided a date of birth that would have made her 22-years-old.

The officer explained several times that he would check the information she provided with the DMV computer and she would be arrested if she had provided any false information. She repeatedly confirmed that all the information was correct.

Luckily for her, all the information checked out. Her luck took a turn for the worse when an unidentified pedestrian yelled, “Hey Jessica, is everything OK?” The question was directed at the suspect, despite the fact that the name she provided had been Jennifer.

When asked why the pedestrian had called her Jessica, she said, “He used to be my roommate and he hates me.”

The officer decided to get to solve the identity mystery by interviewing the pedestrian. When asked whether he knew the suspect’s name he said, “Jessica, but I don’t know what her last name is. I think she’s like 19.” The man said he knew the suspect from school, not because they had been roommates.

The officer then asked the suspect why her friend had said her name is Jessica and she is 19 years old. The suspect then admitted her real name and date of birth. When asked why she lied she said, “Because an M.I.P. is really expensive.”

A minor in possession citation is expensive, but it’s even more expensive when you add a citation for providing false information to an officer and having an open container of alcohol.

A Family Affair

On Saturday, Oct. 25 an officer patrolling the 6500 block of DP saw a 19-year-old man standing on the sidewalk with a red plastic cup in his hand. When he saw the fuzz, the man set his cup on the rear bumper of a car and walked away.

Since his cup was the only one on the car, it did not take long for the officer to determine its contents. The suspect told the officer he was 21 and provided his older brother’s driver’s license as identification. The officer noticed that the suspect did not look like the man pictured on the license and that the date of birth provided by the license would have made the suspect 23, not 21.

The suspect said, “I’m really 23. I thought you meant if I was 21 when you asked me how old I was.”

The story might have worked had the suspect not been holding his wallet in his right hand. When the officer asked to see the wallet, the suspect said, “No, you may not.”

The officer took the wallet and found another driver’s license (complete with picture that matched the suspect’s appearance) and a Bakersfield College student I.D. The suspect told the officer it was his little brother’s wallet. When asked why he was carrying around his little brother’s wallet, the man did not respond.

While being arrested, the man confessed and promised to go straight home to bed if the officer let him go. He explained the other I.D. was his older brother’s. “He doesn’t even know I have it. My parents are going to kill me when they find out I got arrested,” he said.

The man was arrested for providing false information to an officer, possession of a false I.D., minor in possession and having an open container.