Editor, Daily Nexus,

In his Oct. 27 (“Assault on Marriage Protection Falls Flat,” Daily Nexus) response to Loren Williams’ Thursday column “Marriage Protection Week is a Time to Fight Love,” Scott Roney argues that Williams’ support of gay marriage as a “loving relationship” would imply an acceptance of incest and bestiality as well. This is reminiscent of the slippery-slope reasoning of religious bigots like Senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), who sought to equate homosexual relationships with “man-on-dog” sexual activity. This line of thought should be rejected on its face, as it is blatantly degrading to an entire segment of the population and insulting to far more. The motivation behind the movement for gay marriage includes a desire, among gay couples, for the opportunity to handle the same rights and responsibilities, be they legal, personal or financial, that are currently afforded to straight married couples, not to lead America down a cliff toward mandatory sodomy, daily bestiality calisthenics and Antonin Scalia’s worst nightmares.

Furthermore, Roney goes on to charge Williams of ignorance, saying that Williams’ comments “apparently indicat[e] he has never known any socially conservative married people.” However, Roney’s attempts to link gay marriage to incest and bestiality apparently indicate that Roney has never known any homosexuals.