Editor, Daily Nexus,

Over the years – more than 25! – I have looked forward to reading the Daily Nexus. As an alumna and long-time employee of UCSB, I have been alternately informed, impressed, amused, and outraged by the quality and content of the news articles printed in the Nexus. I applaud the efforts of those young editors and writers who have earned awards and acclaim for quality reporting and presentation.

Most recently, however, I have been disappointed in and offended by the Police Blotter articles, which are nothing more than tabloid sensationalism disguised as news. I am disappointed that Nexus editors permit unidentified authors to fill the news pages with satire and to credit the stories to the “files of the Isla Vista Foot Patrol.” There are just so many ways to describe the body’s expulsion of organic byproducts, none of which are considered newsworthy.

I am offended that the authors of this column make light of the unfortunate and distressing consequences of irresponsible alcohol use. While humor can render the situation more tolerable, alcohol-induced ambulance transports, sexual assaults and arrests should be no laughing matter.

Irresponsible alcohol use should be accorded the seriousness it deserves. If you are unwilling to report the news with impartiality or respect, then please rename the column “Police Lampoon” and move it to the Opinion page.