Editor, Daily Nexus,

While my roommate was watching CNN tonight I suddenly remembered why I had been avoiding watching this station since 9/11 and after Princess Diana died.

The way the news is presented is horribly skewed. I recall how after the tragedy of Princess Diana’s car crash most of the stations on television kept showing videos of her mangled vehicle. I recall how after 9/11 most of the stations on television kept showing the smoking, ruined buildings and people dying. Psychologists suggested not watching the news media so much because of its tendency to repeatedly show graphic, upsetting images.

Then I started to comprehend how Arabs were being portrayed in such biased ways after 9/11, and it made me think news media had probably been biased all along toward many people or things, and I had not realized it. I doubt most people realize it now when they watch television and believe and feel exactly whatever is being presented to them in these forms of news that are supposed to be objective and truthful. I fear they are propagating attitudes instead of informing the public.