Ah, the least of 152 evils.

Picking Cruz Bustamante as the best candidate to replace the present governor is like spotting the least soiled corner of a discolored Motel 6 mattress. Indeed, the parade of mutants that threaten to assume California’s gubernatorial chair has exhibited the most base level of American politics. Nevertheless, Bustamante’s policies nudge him just high enough above the rest of the pack to earn him the Daily Nexus’ endorsement.

Bustamante smartly opposes Proposition 54 and the car tax; he’s also pro-choice and pro-medical marijuana. Best of all, he’s stated publicly that the state’s budget crunch shouldn’t be shouldered by college students.

His plan of replacing the money generated by the car tax, however, with more steeply tariffed cigarettes and alcohol may not jive with the weekend plans of the average Isla Vista resident, but come on – this is the future of the state at stake. Only Bustamante seems fit to succeed Davis, especially compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger , a politically inexperienced musclebot who happens to bunk with a Kennedy, or Peter Camejo , a decent guy with a snowball’s chance of winning the election.

The Daily Nexus endorses Cruz Bustamante.