Finally after two years, the much-anticipated third full-length album from post indie rockers, Thursday, titled War All the Time has hit record store shelves. The quintet, comprised of Geoff Rickly (lead vocals), Tucker Rule (drums), Tom Keeley (guitar), Tim Payne (bass), and Steve Padulla (guitar) manage to pound out eleven new tracks that even include a ballad titled “This Song Brought To You By a Falling Bomb.”

These New Brunswick, NJ boys have made often-difficult transition from small, indie label, Victory Records to corporate giants, Island Records, without losing the raw intensity found in previous albums. Producer Sal Villanueva, of earlier albums, Waiting and Full Collapse, was brought in again to maintain the sound that older fans have come to love. Also, keyboardist, Andrew Everding is a welcome addition to the band and manages to create yet another layer to already intricate melodies.

After touring with numerous bands for almost four years, Thursday has garnered some new styles along the way. The title track “War All the Time” has a gut-wrenching sounds reminiscent of friends, Cursive. The intro to the fifth track “Marches and Maneuvers” is comparable to old favorite “Autobiography of a Nation” thanks to an ever-mounting crescendo of energy.

Though the album’s title, War All the Time, seems awfully button pushing, this is not a political album. Rather, it’s a musical expos