Next basketball season, fans might find themselves drinking down a cold brew as the Gauchos dribble down court.

A proposal to sell beer at UCSB sporting events was one of the issues Leg Council members talked about at Wednesday night’s meeting of the Associated Students Legislative Council. Jared Renfro, A.S. off-campus representative, drafted the proposal and has formed an investigative committee that would look into the feasibility of the plan.

He said that some on-campus student groups in the past received up to $1000 in funding per year from A.S., but because of the recent A.S. budget shortage, the groups have received little, if any, funding in recent years.

“This proposal stems from part of a bigger issue with our current budget,” Renfro said. “Serving alcohol would be both pleasing to students and generate a great source of revenue for A.S.”

A.S. Internal Vice President Denise Aceves spoke in favor of selling beer at sporting events in her executive officer’s report. She said that UCLA and the UC Berkley currently serve alcohol at their sporting events, and that alcohol is already available to UCSB students at Chilitos restaurant in the UCen.

“If the [investigative] committee finds that this is something profitable for A.S., then we should definitely take it on,” Aceves said.

Aceves said the proposal is to sell beer, not hard liquor or mixed drinks.

If approved by the investigative committee, the proposal would then go before the A.S. Business Services Committee for approval. Following approval from the Business Services Committee, Leg Council would have to give its final approval before the proposal would go into effect.