Girls aren’t supposed to talk like this. But Peaches doesn’t really care about your sex. Not even if you’re having sex with her. She doesn’t care about your sex as long as you’re down for some freaky sex.

Did I mention what this record was about? This is a woman going where only gangsta rappers have previously tread – rhyming about sex, demanding it, getting graphic about it.

She takes the shock value further by ignoring or distorting gender roles from start to finish. (The gal is sporting an Abe Lincoln beard on the cover, for God’s sake.) Peaches preaches threesomes and S&M (“IU She”), guys shaking dicks and girls shaking tits (Shake Yer Dix), guys getting their cracks packed (“Back It Up, Boys”), and a steady diet of cookies, dicks and clits (“Stuff Me Up”).

The music is usually thumping drum machine beats topped with some synthesizer space noises. A lot of it is repetitive, and the rhymes, beyond the boldness of going further than perhaps any woman musician ever has, aren’t exactly original or creative – with some exceptions, as in the song, “Bad It,” where she sings, “I’m a little ambitious / And I want my wishes / So I got a fictitious Sid Vicious doin’ all my dirty dishes.”

So Fatherfucker isn’t the kind of CD you are always going to want to hear. But you’ve probably never heard anything like it.

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