Editor, Daily Nexus,

Yesterday I was delighted to find out that Michael Moore would be speaking in Santa Barbara on Friday. I remembered his outburst during the Academy Awards show last year and I thought to myself that this would be a good opportunity to hear a prominent speaker on anti-war and the perils of capitalism.

Unfortunately, his message on Friday will never reach my ears. I was shocked to discover that he was delivering his speech at the Arlington Theatre and charging $18 a head – plus a $1.50 service charge. Surely he could deliver his speech at Campbell Hall, which would cost the students a fraction of the present price and allow him to spread his message to a greater audience of his core constituency: students. I can’t afford to watch him, but I hope that other poor students and impoverished minorities within the community will be able to put $18 aside for a man who claims to champion their causes.

I have nothing against Michael Moore’s high ticket price; he has the right to charge whatever he wants. In fact, his show will probably be sold out. And this makes me feel better because it turns out he’s just like us: He’s an over-eating white male capitalist. Shame on anyone for calling him un-American!