Editor, Daily Nexus,

Rushing through the crowds of students making their way to and from the UCen on my first day back to campus, something caught my eye. No, it wasn’t a fabulous new pair of shoes or any sort of tie-dyed item. There was actual life in the longtime barren concrete pit under Storke Tower. If you haven’t been to Storke Plaza lately, take a trip down below the carnival of vendors and recruitment tables. Remember the reflecting pool that offered little to reflect about than what on earth should be done with it? The once hopeless pool has been transformed into a lush water garden that actually offers passers-by a decent location to stop and read or drink a cup of coffee. Whoever came up with this idea is on to something.

But let’s see a little less concrete. Maybe some grass. I for one want to see a green Storke Plaza – where students can sit and have lunch or catch a nap. The Campus Plan seeks to beautify UCSB. Storke Plaza is the perfect place to start.